Name: Robert John Downey Jr.
Born: April 4, 1965, Greenwich Village NY.
Father: Robert Downey Sr., filmmaker.
Mother: Elsie Ford, actress.
Grandmother: Betty Dorso (Downey Sr.'s mother)
model and boutique owner.
Sibling: Older sister, Allyson.
Wife: Susan Downey (former Levin), film producer.
Children: Son Exton Elias, born 2012, with wife Susan.
Son Indio, born 1993, with ex-wife Deborah Falconer.
Heritage: German/Scottish on Mom's
side. Russian Jewish/Irish on Dad's side.
Schools: Santa Monica High School.
Education: Earned G.E.D. in 2000.

Regional and Off-Broadway theater in the early 80s.
"Saturday Night Live" cast 1985/86.
"Saturday Night Live" host 1996.
"Ally McBeal" 19 episodes 2000-2001.
"I Want Love" Elton John video 2001.
Over 60 motion pictures.
"Chaplin" soundtrack 1992.
"Heart and Souls" soundtrack 1993.
"Ally McBeal" album A Very Ally Christmas 2000.
"Ally McBeal" album For Once In My Life 2001.
"The Singing Detective" soundtrack 2003.
"The Futurist" solo album 2004.
"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" soundtrack 2005.
"Tears In Heaven" charity single 2005.

"Saturday Night Live" 1985/86.
"The Last Party" documentary 1992.
"Two Girls and A Guy" 1997.
"Lethargy" short film 2001.
"Iron Man" I and II, 2008/2009.
"The Soloist" 2008.

Stars in his first movie, only five years old. His father cast him as a puppy in his movie "Pound".

1973 - 1975
At the age of seven he stars in another of his father's films, "Greaser's Palace". The family moves around a lot due to his father's occupation as an independent filmmaker. They live in Connecticut, Woodstock, New York, London and California. When living in London, Robert (10) attends the Perry House School in Chelsea.

Page Graphic 1976
Robert spends three summers at the Stagedoor Manor (Catskills), a summer camp where they teach acting, dance, improvisation, vocal technique, and much more. Counselor there at the time, Todd Graff, says: "He was insanely hyperactive. But he was talented. He made me crazy because I was his counselor. To try and get the kid to bed and have him bounce off the walls was a pain in the ass." Carl Samuelson says: "Even at the age of 11 or 12, he was into the ladies, and he was so cute. But if there was mischief afoot, he was into it."

Robert's parents divorce and he stays in New York with his mother, while his sister moves to California with their father.

Moves to his father in Los Angeles and enrolles at Lincoln Junior High School. In 10th grade he continues his education in Santa Monica High School. Robert is given many roles in the school's theater productions. For a part in the musical "Oklahoma", Ramon Estevez teaches him how to tap-dance.

With his father's approval, Robert drops out of High School before graduation and moves to New York to live with his sister. To support himself he works as a busboy at Central Falls restaurant and in a shoe store. He also takes on odd jobs like performing as "living art" at the underground club Area. Eventually he lands small parts in productions at a local theatre and Off-Broadway. An agent spots him and arranges for him to go to Los Angeles and try out for movie productions.

When filming "Firstborn", Robert meets co-star Sarah Jessica Parker. She asks him out and they fall in love. Robert moves in with her in New York after dating only eight weeks.

Become friends with Anthony Michael Hall when filming "Weird Science". Michael arranges for Robert to try out as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live".

Director James Toback spots Robert in "Saturday Night Live" and cast him in his first leading role in "The Pick-Up Artist" where he stars with Dennis Hopper and Molly Ringwald.

Robert gets his big breakthrough as an actor with the role as Julian Wells in the movie "Less Than Zero". His portayal of a young cocaine addict in Hollywood receives high praise from film critics.

Robert and Sarah Jessica Parker go their separate ways after a seven year relationship. Sir Richard Attenborough picks Robert to play the role of Charlie Chaplin, in a movie based on Chaplin's autobiography. Robert wins the competition over actors like Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal.

Page Graphic 1992
Marries model/actress Deborah Falconer after dating only 42 days.

Oscar nominated for "Chaplin". Robert's son, Indio, is born on September 7. Actor Anthony Michael Hall is his godfather.

Stars in ten episodes in the TV hit comedy series "Ally McBeal". Huge success and great reviews.

Robert signs on to do 8 more episodes of "Ally McBeal".

Robert releases his own music for the first time. His song Snakes is included on the "Ally McBeal" album For Once In My Life.

Elton John wants Robert to lip-synch in the music video for his new song I Want Love. Robert accepts and the video is shot at Greystone Manor in Beverly Hills in the end of July. Artist Sam Taylor-Wood is filming and directing. The video is included on some CDs and also shown on a big screen onstage on Elton's concert tour.

This year, Robert spends a lot of time on charity work for the Hollywood-Sunset Free Clinic. To bring in funds, he takes a big part in planning, organizing, and hosting a 3 day benefit pop festival at Silver Lake in December.

While filming "Gothika" in Canada in April, Robert meets film producer Susan Levin. They start dating and he proposes one minute before her 30th birthday on November 6. ("I figured I kind of wanted to get her while she was still in her 20s."). Robert announces their engagement on the "The Frank Skinner Show" in November.

In August it becomes official that Robert is signed with Sony Classical, working with long time friend, famous musician and composer Jonathan Elias. On November 23, Robert's debut album, "The Futurist", is released and he becomes the #1 best selling new artist in the U.S.

On August 27, Robert marries Susan Levin at the Windy Dunes estate in Amagansett, Long Island, New York. Around 150 guests attends the ceremony, among them Keanu Reeves, Billy Joel and Sting. Billy Joel sings 'Just The Way You Are' during the ceremony, and later both Billy Joel and Sting performs for the guests under a clear-topped tent. PHOTO

In September 2006 Robert landed his biggest role yet as Tony Stark, the lead character in the $100 million-plus-budgeted movie "Iron Man".

Robert and director, Jon Favreau, goes on a world tour in April to promote "Iron Man". They visit Mexico, Australia, Korea, Germany, Italy, England, and then back to New York and L.A. The film is a HUGE hit and earns the incredible sum of $201 million worldwide the first weekend of its release.

The first footage from "Tropic Thunder" causes some people to feel that Robert's role is racist because he "plays a black man." Those who critizise seems not to understand that Robert plays a white actor portraying a black man, and that the film is making fun of method actors, not African-Americans. When the film is released in August, Robert scores his second #1 movie of the summer as it grosses $26 million during its first weekend in U.S. and Canadian theaters. The performance also rewards him a second Oscar nomination.

#2 in Quigley's "Top Money-Making Star of 2008" (the ten stars that generated the most box-office revenue).

Page Graphic 2009
In June Robert is included on Forbes "Hollywood's Top-Earning Actors" list (next to Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington) for earning $20 million for his role in "Iron Man 2".

A life size wax figure of Robert as 'Tony Stark' is included at the Madame Tussauds museum in Hollywood when it opens in August, and in December his 'Sherlock Holmes' character is added to Madame Tussauds in London. PHOTOS

Robert receives one of the greatest honors in Hollywood when getting his hands and footprints immortalized in cement outside the Grauman's Chinese Theater on December 7.

On December 25, "Sherlock Holmes" sets a new record for a Christmas Day opening by bringing in $24.9 million at the box office that day.

#5 in Quigley's "Top Money-Making Star of 2009" (the ten stars that generated the most box-office revenue).

In February, a U.S. federal trademark registration is filed for "Team-Downey" (a production company owned by Robert and Susan). The description provided for the trademark is: "Production and distribution of motion pictures, television programs and television specials, music production services, audio recording and production, motion picture song production, providing a website featuring information on the production and distribution of motion picture films and television shows via a global computer network."

According to Box Office Mojo, Robert's movies have grossed over $1.66 billion. His five movies from "Iron Man" on have accounted for nearly 60 percent of that total. "Iron Man 2" topped "Iron Man" with a worldwide gross of $594,311,000 only 38 days after its release.

#73 on Forbes annual "Celebrity 100" list of the most powerful people in the entertainment business. Some of the 10 actors included on the list are Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and George Clooney.

#4 on Forbes "Hollywood's Best Actors For The Buck" (actors that earn studios the most for their money).

#6 on "Entertainment Weekly's Power List" (ranks the most influential people in the entertainment business). Career B.O: $2.9 billion - Last three films: $1.2 billion - Avg. opening weekend: 40.5 million - Avg. opening last three films: $66.7 million

#4 on Forbes "Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Actors" (stars who earned the most at the box office). "Iron Man 2" was the seventh highest-grossing film of 2010 with $622 million, and "Due Date" grossed $186 million.

#66 on Forbes annual "Celebrity 100" list of the most powerful people in the entertainment business. (#58 in Money, #56 in TV/Radio, #44 in Press, #81 in Social and #54 in Web). According to Forbes, Robert earned $31 million from May 2010 to May 2011.

Robert's and Susan's first child is born on February 7, son Exton Elias.

#1 on Forbes "Hollywood's Highest-Grossing Actors" (stars who earned the most at the box office). "The Avengers" was the highest-grossing film of 2012 with $1.5 billion at the global box office, and the third highest-grossing film of all time.

Robert signs a 12 million dollar deal to appear in print ads, TV and billboard advertising for HTC, a Taiwanese manufacturer of Android and Windows smartphones.

#2 on Forbes "Most Powerful Actors List" based on his earnings this past year.

#1 on Forbes "Most Powerful Actors List" based on earnings of $75 million between June 2013 and June 2014.